My Journey – Part 2

April 8, 2022

Continuing on my ventures in Altamonte Springs, I visited Cranes Roost (again)! This is my favorite place to go walking. The trail around the lake is always full of activity. Wether it be walkers like me, families strolling with the kiddos, people enjoying the day with their dogs or the ducks and squirrels hanging around, it’s always pleasant. I’ve been coming here for years, starting when my kids were little. We’d come to feed the ducks, turtles and fish. Then, I started coming here for my power walks. The views all around are beautiful and it’s so relaxing you don’t feel like you’re working out.

They have many activities that they host here all year long. This month Uptown Vibes presents I ♥ the 80s on April 22 from 7 -9 pm. Free admission, Interactive Games, Food & Drinks Available for Purchase. They also host Altamonte Fit Club every Wednesday. As well as many other regular events. Go check them out. They always have their events posted around the park.

You can bring your own activity. The setting is perfect to have a romantic picnic. If you’re an artist, bring your sketch pads and let your imagination go wild.

I highly recommend you make this a regular location you visit!! #altamontelife